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WELCOME TO First Row Sports! This is the only place for football as well as soccer or basketball lovers to feel free and enjoy live stream of the matches between the teams they support. Our site is maximally oriented on the people who are in love with sport teams or athletes. Maybe that is why we provide “three in one” service. What does that mean? Well, besides p2p4y you can enjoy live sport streams, sport online videos and live score boards. With the ability of following a number of sport events in any country from any device, we try to achieve number one position among p2p4u sites. Including Champions League, English Premier League and German Bundesliga we always support live streams of major events in any kind of sport and especially in football- the world sport among internet users. Transmitting first rows has always played a major role in the web full of different sport sites. The main key lies in the fact that we, a young team of sport lovers and internet addicted guys wanted to satisfy the needs of the people who try to stay calm and relaxed while watching the live event. With us, you can sit comfortably in an armchair and watch take for example French League 1 or Spanish Primera Division simultaneously without any errors and black screens. As we provide a wide range of links, row sport live offers you videos in different qualities starting from medium (for those who lack a good internet access) to high quality videos for highlights. Furthermore, there is no problem about a number of visitors as despite the waves of internet supporters our site stands firmly. With the categories given on the top or beside the main screen, you can easily navigate among row sport live events. Daily updated links and videos of the best goals from the recent games allows you to stay tuned in the current matches and follow the trace of leagues. A complete list of streams for all channels is free for any visitor without any further registering or creating a special account. Bookmark our site and stay with first row sports for your daily mood and challenges

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Have you missed watching football in a calm situation without any noise and disturbing neighbors? Are you tired of being at the stadium screaming at the highest level of your voice while supporting your favorite team then it is high time for you to join our community of first row sports. Are you interested in first row sports and p2p4u? Then read the article and find out more. First row sports allow you to watch the live stream of any kind of sport matches for free. All you need is just a good internet connection. However, if you are lacking a good internet provider in your country, then it is not the problem as the links given on our site provide medium to high quality broadcast for any user of different internet providers. Front rows are divided into several categories, for example, these categories are: football, soccer, ice hockey, moto, car races, boxing, wrestling, basketball and so on. You just have to click the desired category and see the timeline of the events offered by our site. Each event given on our site are first sports and they are offering live translations with the commentators if available. P2p4u makes it easier for you and what’s more, even faster to enjoy the whole assortment of the live events offered by us. With the score tables and several reviews it becomes easier for a visitor to follow the results of the matches in series and stay tuned in the current events. Even in case of cancelling several events our site gives you the detailed information and if possible, alternate links to the matches between your favorite teams. As row sports still seem to be challenging for internet users who are most of all, addicted to football, soccer and basketball it is not a great surprise to our devoted visitors to be offered several links ( in most cases, up to 10) to the same event. The timeline or so –called line up shows you the duration of a match, the starting time and the name of the events, teams or football clubs. As we can transmit several events from the different countries at the same time, you can use p2p4u and watch each of them according to your taste, mood or the situation. Row sports are very popular so do not be afraid to use our site as there are no viruses: just open the browser you use, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Sapari, Rockmelt, Torch, Opera or even Internet Explorer and join our community where you will meet millions of sports as well as front row sports addicted people. Watch the live stream and ease your life !


Nowadays there are some hundreds of sports kinds but UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE has always been number one for football fans as well as experts. Taking the special place among all sports offered In live streams UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE freezes the hearts of football addicted people moving the adrenaline to the screen of monitors and TVs. Unlikely any other sports it can gather millions of football fans at one big stadium and as there is not enough place some people are forced to stay at home and watch TV or in the better situations, live streams of the league. The latter is a better choice for everyone as UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE live stream was always considered the most preferable option of live sports broadcast among football fans and of course, internet users. This feature allows you to watch the stream of Uefa Champions League free of charge without any further registration. Our site is oriented on football fans and that is why we also offer you to enjoy watching the plays of your favorite football clubs. Enjoy our website which can be called a real kingdom of directories of links to UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE live streaming, results, the boards of scores and special line ups. Stay with us and follow every minute of the live online matches of the UEFA champions League from any device, you can follow the real time updates and trustworthy information In addition you can bookmark our site and enjoy daily posts and fresh links to other live streams which will make your day more colorful and of course, sporty. Just one click and our site will take you straight to the right place. Bookmark our site and don’t miss the most popular and interesting events in the world of football, watch football matches and check the scores quickly. As we try to get the number one position we want to spread the reviews of matches as well as offer more and more links for UEFA League live streams in the good quality of display. We want to provide useful materials for watching. Enjoy the official streaming of the most popular cup competition, team fixtures, results as well as match stats (updated every day) and special line ups. If you stay with us, you won’t miss top scorer tables and special reminders which allow you to stay tuned in the world cup competition. Live stream allows everyone to know local broadcast info, daily football news and special posts. Live matches have never been so challenging for internet users. Visit our site from any device, turn on your internet settings or WI-FI and spend time watching UEFA champions league live stream for free in a high quality without any errors or extra loads. We are updating the tables of football match scores in real time. What does that mean? Well, you will be able to check the position or so called place of your favorite team as wells as statistics and the list of several goal scorers. Stay with us and watch the Champions League, online without further registration and annoying banners.

Europe League live streaming

It is not necessary to have a good sports form to skillfully play football. Sitting in front of a computer screen, you can drive the ball, even without going outside. While supporting the live events and your favorite matches, Europe League live streaming can help you in relaxing according to your desire and sporty soul. You will feel yourself as being forward, as a defender, keeper or someone from the audience. Feel the rhythm of passing the ball and do not let everyone get to your gate as your team is number one if it has someone supporting like you! Feel the speed of movement of the players. Europe league live streaming will definitely give you a significant advantage of enjoying the event from any device with internet connection. Germany, Britain, France and other teams from the countries in Europe are here to represent your adventurous soul and give you a chance to face the fate for gaining a cup after fighting with many of them. As nowadays sport takes a lot of time in the life of every human being surrounded with football lovers it is not surprise why our site has so many visitors. Europe league live streaming remains the most exciting game and of course intriguing to the last moment. While others may prefer playing basketball, hockey, boxing and tennis, our site visitors challenge themselves with Europe matches. We are always ready to offer live broadcasts of football and transmit Europe league live streaming with some information resource. Several operational scores and goal replays always serve to make you tuned in. we are always glad to give you the most perfect schedule of live events related to Europe league. With the nice interface of our site you can find the necessary information quite easily and watch the live stream without any errors.